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Unlike many crypto businesses, we are a team of real people with huge amounts of knowledge of and passion for cryptocurrency. We are experts in making smart investments in this dynamic, lucrative but sometimes daunting industry. We know that not everyone feels they can jump into the world of crypto. That’s why we set up the consultancy arm of our business having 3 key goals in mind:

1. Creating an honest, open dialogue about Crypto: Spreading awareness of the Crypto industry, explaining how it works and addressing misconceptions.
2. Making Crypto Accessible: Using our expertise to help you enter the space. We can explain mining, investing and coin management.
3. Keeping you in the loop: We keep our eyes on the Crypto market so you don’t have to.

It is also important to understand key terminologies that are used in this upcoming technological sector, especially if your background has not been linked to computer science. These definitions will aid with the understanding of the technology behind various companies involved on the blockchain. You will then be able to differentiate between Digital Currency, Smart Contracts, Record Keeping and Securities.


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